Earrings peyote ivory swarovski Barbara 03

Barbara 03


Earrings with peyote, Swarovski crystal with ivory crescent beads, Grey color rocailles, Opaque Marble Pink and Ivory beads and Bohemian beads. Onix pendant.

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I realized the top of the earrings, embedding with the peyote technique, a Swarovski 14 mm color champagne glass with ivory colored crescent beads, color rocailles Matte Metallic Silver Gray, Duracoat Opaque Light Watermelon, Dyed Salmon Silver lined Opal and Hematite, super pink Carnation Pink Opal Beads and Opaque Rose Peach Gold Luster and 4 mm Gray Bohemian beads. To complete I added a drop of onyx as a pendant. Completely handmade in Turin, Italy.

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