Emma Lindström lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden, but occasionally moves to the French Pyrenees. She is a painter who pours all her life energy onto the canvas, making it explode into spots of color that capture the viewer and involve him from an aesthetic and emotional point of view.

The message that Emma wants to convey is that we are all in the same world, there is something universal that binds us, but each of us has the right to express our freedom and our being through the concentration and the search for love and of beauty.

His paintings are inspirations to follow an individual path to find what slows down time, or even stops it, to listen to themselves. Of course there are many different ways to achieve this: whether it's painting, playing music, or simply running for miles, the important thing is to keep doing what works for everyone, what everyone feels like true.

"For me", says Emma in an interview, "the secret of concentration lies in music. I started playing as a child, mainly the drums, then in high school I met the painting that struck me with incredible power. But even today I listen to music, even while I paint, and this is a great source of inspiration. In fact, I would like to say that, with my works, I create music for the eyes ".

Emma's work has a strong instinctive component. The artist does not plan a painting, he lets himself go to the inspiration of the moment and, only when the creative impulse fades, he takes a step back and reflects on the results achieved so far.

Work with acrylics, a material that can easily be mixed with others and dries quickly. It has a strong preference above all for the blue, but also loves the violet infinitely and finds relaxing and exciting together the continuous combination of these colors, in an experiment that never ends and whose results can not be predicted a priori.

And, for those who are never tired of strong colors, I remind you of the series of my Beatrice Rings. Click on the images below to find out all the details!