On the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of her death, the Venaria Reggia hosts a photographic exhibition with over 100 images dedicated to Lady Diana, Lady D as they all called her, who would have become Queen of England following her marriage to Charles , the designated heir to the throne.

A wedding ceremony on a summer morning that kept me glued to the TV together with millions of people around the world and made me dreamy to walk through that nave dressed as a bride.

Unfortunately, as everyone knows, history has taken another turn and Diana, after suffering her divorce from her husband, died in a car accident in Paris, only 36 years old. Like a candle burning too fast in the wind, he sang Elton John at her funeral, but her legend will last for a long time.

In fact, while never ascending the throne, Diana had become "queen in the heart of people," as she herself hailed during an interview. Her influence on the common people was very strong and the media greatly amplified every act.

That's because Diana, from the outset of her love affair with Charles, had appeared as a woman, a princess, simple and refractory to the rigid Crown protocol.

A natural and "imperfect" beauty made her close and accessible, she used her open smile to win the shyness and knew how to talk to everyone. The love for rock music and dance was certainly not in the queen's cliché, but made her absolutely "normal".

His popularity was touched when Diana decided to actively support a series of humanitarian causes: actions such as hiring Aids sufferers or walking a field that had once been filled with anti-personnel mines had a crazy impact on the idea public and contributed to raising the funds needed for charitable activities.

Finally, when Diana decided to publicly disagree with her relationship with Charles, until she asked for and obtained divorce (the only case in the history of the Royal English House), ordinary people deployed on her part and the former princess became a woman able to appreciate and show himself fully for what he was, a "free spirit", to say it with his words.

The transformation is quite evident. Just compare the photos I selected below, "before and after" Carlo. From "Sad Princess" and forced to wear embarrassing chaps imposed by the protocol and long dresses that mortify her femininity, Diana becomes a woman in the flower of her own beauty and full of charm and sex appeal: goodbye, Lady D.