SOUTACHE (second step)

SOUTACHE (second step)


Last time I talked about the complex but fascinating technique of soutache and how it is interpreted by the Italian creative. Now I deepen the profile of specialists from Eastern Europe, who best know this discipline that was actually born in the eastern part of our continent. Let's start with Galina Golik who presents his creations in a rarefied site, logo and graphics are very similar to those of a jeweler ( A limited production, made with extreme care on neutral background, no settings.


Anneta Valious is instead part of the large group of creative from Russia presenting their work on Livemaster platform, much like Western Etsy. Lavish chokers, bracelets elegant and charming pendants characterize the creativity of this talented artisan.



Veninna instead strongly characterized his style with a wealth of colorful elements that immediately strikes the eye, imprisoning it in the sinuous curves of her creations.



Zoe (on Instagram Pipa 77) from Moscow is however perhaps the most prolific creative I met. A flurry of precisely executed ideas, round neck, bracelets, pendants, rings and even very original hair clips combs. You will never have enough!




The only exception not coming from the East, is Csengeri Dori, of whom I had made you nod last time. Israel, more than any other has been able to enter the soutaches in the fashion world, so as to create a veritable designer of universally recognized jewels, with outlets all over the world (



For the moment I will stop here, but it is possible to come back later to tell you about this wonderful creative discipline with a thousand facets. In the meantime, be sure to visit my site always full of new ideas for women. See you soon!